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At Qhik Moto we only use the best materials and cutting edge machines to produce our products. Substance Inc has provided us with the ultimate print vinyl called X1. Its a bubble free application that comes in white (standard) and holographic chrome. After print it gets complimented with their 1500 series laminate that comes in gloss, matte and silver sparkle.

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Tyler Moore and Rick Ziemer are two passionate motocross and off-road enthusiasts. Both have worked in the motocross industry a combined 15 years.  Rick loves the classic vintage bikes and off-road trail riding around the iconic Northern Nevada mountain range. Tyler has raced as a local pro for 10 years and has been racing around the country since he was 9 years old. Tyler and Rick came together to turn their passion for the sport into their day jobs.  It runs through their veins and making Qhik Moto from the ground up has been a passion project.

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